Actors must prepare extensively before an audition, ensuring they have both the skills necessary to make an impression and the professionalism required to succeed in the field. Many individuals enter the entertainment industry because they desire fame and attention, not because they truly love performing. An actor passionate about his or her craft ultimately proves more captivating than one who primarily seeks popularity. Although acting entails a significant amount of talent, no one innately knows how to act. Learning proper technique requires dedication, resilience, and an excellent acting school. When looking for a good school, an individual should seek one that not only boasts inspiring instructors, but also emphasizes the elements outside of craft necessary for success. Each actor offers a certain product to casting professionals and must understand how to identify, develop, and sell it most effectively.

Before considering an audition, an actor must be in the proper emotional and physical space. An actor should embrace certain unalterable elements, such as height and ethnicity, while taking control of those traits one can change, such as weight and demeanor. Acting demands that an individual feel comfortable in his or her own skin. All actors must demonstrate emotional maturity during an audition. Casting professionals, agents, directors, and producers quickly recognize emotional immaturity, and instead highly value professionalism. Serious actors should liberate themselves from any potential problems, including discouraging friends, and choose instead to associate with those who inspire them. Budding actors must have a clear plan for earning money, and secure reliable living arrangements with positive housemates, as well as dependable transportation.

A number of these factors may seem extraneous at first glance, but no actor will succeed without recognizing the importance of a healthy environment and mindset.

About The Acting Corps

Based in Los Angeles, The Acting Corps teaches amateur and professional actors the technical skills and business expertise necessary for success in today’s competitive entertainment industry. Serving as Artistic Director, Eugene Buica implements elements of the Jerzy Grotowski, Sanford Meisner, and Michael Chekhov approaches to acting in the school’s curriculum. For more information about The Acting Corps and its course offerings, visit

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