On The Acting Corps website, Artistic Director Eugene Buica shares a number of articles he wrote for Actors’ Ink Magazine. In “Why We Fail and How to Win,” Eugene Buica talks about the personal roadblocks faced by actors as they transition from training to the real world.

Buica begins the article with a discussion of great acting students who are unable to demonstrate their abilities in auditions. Many individuals possess a fear of failure or a strong case of nerves that may lead to poor audition performances. Often, the psychology behind these failures is a form of self-reassurance: if we don’t try our best, then we don’t really fail when the acting job is offered to somebody else. These aspiring actors pledge to do better the next time but then fall into the same patterns of failure time after time.

Next, Buica looks at what it takes to end this pattern of self-sabotage and actually succeed as an actor. He suggests that an entire lifestyle transformation is essential, beginning with intense self-reflection. Buica asks readers to look at their habits critically, focusing on those factors and little indulgences that may be holding them back. He suggests countering the self- defeating mentality with a stronger work ethic based on achieving one’s goals.

Admitting that this type of transformation can be difficult, Buica also suggests aspiring actors seek outside support in the form of community groups, friends, volunteer work, or some other grounding activity. Buica closes the discussion by reminding readers that the acting profession essentially revolves around merit, and that those individuals who work hard and strive toward their goals are those that achieve success. To read the full text of the article, visit The Acting Corps website, www.theactingcorps.com.

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