Founded by Artistic Director Eugene Buica in 1999, The Acting Corps has trained thousands of actors in both the art and the industry of dramatic performance. The school offers various programs designed specially for actors at distinct stages in their career, from beginners to professionals. Here, Eugene Buica relays are some basic tips to encourage and educate both potential students and other aspiring actors. For more, visit

1. Relocate to Los Angeles. This will, of course, involve a plan that includes living arrangements, back-up money, and an idea of what acting school the hopeful actor or actress wishes to attend. Such a leap of faith is certainly frightening, but, as the slogan of The Acting Corps asks, “If not now, when?”

2. Change that which you can change, accept everything else. Actors and actresses can’t change their height, background, etc., but it is supremely important to focus on improving the qualities that can be changed.

3. Know your product. Acting professionals must understand that they are selling a product, and they must know how to pitch this product.

4. Understand your motives. An actor or actress who hopes to become successful because they think it will make them more unique is in for a rude awakening. Those who are in the acting business are there because they can’t be satisfied in any other way; acting is their life’s calling.

5. Study acting, of course. Some aspects like talent, drive, and raw emotion can be considered innate, but acting is an art and a science, both of which demand intensive study.

6. Relax. Acting can be a stressful vocation, but those who know how to enjoy their talent will be more successful than those with an uptight outlook on life.

7. Be able to make your auditions. A car is a good idea if the money is right, but it is absolutely critical that actors and actresses find a reliable form of transportation. If they can’t arrive punctually to an audition, there’s no chance of landing the role.
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Great tips, I would also to plan for survivial jobs. There are up and down so you want to keep your options open for part time work. The key is not to get so caught up in your job that you lose foucus on your acting goals.


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